Time Difference

Standard Time in Korea is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +9)


The unit of Korean currency is Won.
Korean monetary units are KRW10, KRW50, KRW100, and KRW500 coins, and KRW1,000, KRW5,000, KRW10,000 and KRW50,000 notes

Credit Cards

Major international credit cards such as Visa and Master are commonly acceptable at most hotels, department stores, restaurant and shops. Restaurants and shops generally display signs indicating what cards they accept.

Tipping & VAT

Tipping is not a traditional Korean custom.
Service charges are added to the bill but tipping is not expected. It is also not necessary to tip a taxi driver unless extra services are provided.

Mobile Phone (Roaming)

CDMA cellular system are widely used in Korea. SK Telecom, KT, LG U+ provides SIM Card roaming services allow you to use GSM subscription in Korea.

At the Incheon/Gimpo Airports, you can rent a special CDMA cellular phone which accepts your SIM Card.


In Korea, 220 volt outlets are most common. Some hotels provide 110 volt outlets for shavers. Please check the power supply before use.


The temperature in Seoul in November ranges approximately between 3-11 ℃ degrees.
For more detailed information, please visit the official website of Korea Metrological Administration

Emergency & Useful Numbers In Korea

  • 1339 : Medical Emergency
  • 119 : Emergencies for Fire, Rescue & Hospital Services
  • 112 : Police
  • 1330 : Tourist Information:

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